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What is so special about Vietnam?

What is so special about Vietnam?

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Vietnam has been at the top of the most-sought-after destinations in South-East Asia for a while now. Many people are dreaming about visiting Vietnam and many others that have already checked it off their bucket list, are waiting to go back there. 

Admire the Stunning Landscapes

Travelling around Vietnam you are bound to discover some of the most gorgeous views you’ve ever seen. Imagine waking up in the morning and drinking your coffee amidst the huge cliffs of Ha Long Bay, not to mention kayaking around the bay in this dramatic scenery. The whole experience is wonderful as long as you know what to expect. You can read more about my Ha Long Bay adventure to find out more.

Sapa is another unique destination with its great endless rice terraces and local ethnic tribes. I loved my time in Sapa, and the feel of the place is very different than other parts of Vietnam I got to experience. 

Spend Some Time with The Hill Tribes

In every country we visit we love to discover the smaller, less populated towns that usually have managed to preserve better old traditions and customs. We especially like to visit villages of local tribes who still wear their unique garments and maintain their old ways. The area of Sapa is a wonderful place to learn more about the hill tribes of Vietnam

See For Yourself Why the Vietnamese Markets Are So Famous

If you’ve been following our adventures, then you already know we are avid market explorers. Just give us a colorful market full of flowers, fruits, veggies, local delicacies and unique sights and we are happy as an 8 year old in Disneyland.