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A Lifetime of Hope and Regret in Phang Nga bay

A Lifetime of Hope and Regret in Phang Nga bay

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Phang Nga Bay can be found in the Strait of Malacca. This Thailand paradise is located between Malay Peninsula’s mainland and Phuket. The area is surrounded by beautiful views, and it beckons visitors to come explore further

Why Phang Nga Bay is Famous

Modern culture has turned Phang Nga into an icon for movie buffs around the world. It has become the most famous island in the bay due in part to its roles in a few epic movies. James Bond Island is named after the lead character in the movie it was featured in. This limestone, needle shaped rock jutting out of the water appeared in the feature film The Man with the Golden Gun. The bay also appeared in Star Wars: Episode lll – Revenge of the Sith. Its distinctive look was used as the backdrop for planet Kashyyyk.

In addition to Hollywood’s touch and the natural beauty found in Phang Nga Bay, the area is well-known for numerous diverse cultures that co-exist in the local communities.

National Parks in Phang Nga

On April 29, 1981 AO Phang Nga National Park in Phang Province was created by a royal decree. It was announced under proclamation 98, section 64 in the Royal Gazette on that date. Its natural beauty includes some of Mueang Phang Nga District’s coastal sections as well as the Takua Thing District.

Phang Nga Bay Day Out Activities

There is an unlimited amount of activities to keep visitors busy while staying near Phang Nga Bay. In addition to the numerous water activities that range from simple fishing to snorkeling and rock climbing, one can find many restaurants featuring local cuisine, unique shopping experiences, and Phang Nga resorts that are ready to pamper their guests.

Trekking and rafting in Khao Lak is always a big hit with the tourists. This activity takes you off the beaten path where you can explore the unspoiled rivers from a bamboo raft. You are sure to spot many of the species of natural wildlife along your journey. Lizards, tropical birds, and bathing water buffalo entertain while hanging exotic fruits decorate the landscape. If rafting isn’t your thing, try a ride on the back of an elephant across the hillside paths. These experiences are great for all ages.